October 3, 2016

This week was another amazing week! I feel, and know, that I say that each week, buts it’s only because its true! Ha, ha! Every week in Bolivia has been so amazing!

This week we had a leadership counsel with all of the leaders from the mission! It was super amazing and very spiritual! My comp and I were able to teach a big portion of the meeting along with the President of our mission and his wife!

We also had conference, which always is a crowed favorite! Ha, ha!  I have learned so much from our wonderful leaders this week. It has been incredible!  It truly is humbling when you can really feel Gods love so strong in your life and have it guide you to make the right decisions and feel warmth.

This Wednesday we will have a baptism of a young man of 35 years, named Carlos! He is super awesome!  He is an amazing person who really had a rough time growing up!   About 2 days ago he was telling us about his childhood and he just began to break down and cry!  It’s super humbling to see how the gospel can change the lives of so many people!

Love you all! Hope you all doing great! You’re all in my prayers!