September 12, 2016

Well, hey guys I love you all sooo good!

I’m really sorry that I haven’t written you in such a long time! With my new assignment we just don’t really have much time to write! Well these past weeks have been amazing. I have learned so much more here in this area! I would  like to share a short story about the converting power of the gospel!

About a month ago we received a reference from a member in our ward of a young man who works as the doorman and receptionist in an apartment building. My comp and I went up to contact him! When we first talked to him he seemed like a guy who wasn’t super friendly and didn’t really want to hear us, but he asked us questions, and we were able to teach him!

We then came back to teach him a couple days later we saw a small change in him! Then we gave him the Book of Mormon and told him to read it. We told him that it would change his life. He told us that he would read it, but if he didn’t understand it, or like it within the fist page, the next time we came to visit him he would return the book to us!  The next time he invited us in, and said Elders, I know that this book really comes from God and I would like to be baptized! This Saturday what he desired came true! He was baptized, and was able to receive the greatest gift given to man! The Holy Ghost!  This week he told us that when we first came and talked to him, he wanted to do what he had done before with the other religious groups that visited him. He wanted shoo us away and try and have us doubt our own faith, like he had done with the others! But he said that with us we were so sure about what we said, and that what we said was true that there was nothing that he could say to make us think that what we were saying was false!

He is an amazing young man and a true convert of the Lord! I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to be trusted by the Lord, and to be able to teach Luis, and help him make sacred covenants with the Lord! I love you all so much! You’re amazing, and I pray and think about you guys always! Have an amazing night!

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