August 1, 2016

Bueno! First off I love you all so much! I hope and wish for the best for you guys!

This week was another crazy week! The week went by so fast it was crazy, but something super awesome happened. We had a baptism this Saturday, and it was the coolest thing, because the man that we baptized didn’t not know any Spanish; none at all. All of the lessons that we taught him were in Quetchua, the native language here in Bolivia! It was super amazing to watch his testimony grow!

SAM_9804I also got a new calling this week in my mission, so today; in actually 2 hours I will be going to Cochabamba to meet with my new companion. I love the mission so much. I will be missing Sucre a bunch, but I am so happy for the 4.5 months that I have had here in Sucre! I love the ward here so much and all of the Elders and Hermana’s here are amazing!