July 25, 2016

 Hey, hey family and friends! How are you all doing?  This week was super amazing. I was able to work super close with some of the elders in our zone, trying to help them become better missionaries, and in turn, I was able to learn a lot from them. I am now learning to put more trust in the spirit. I’m learning how it can guide me, and what I say, during each lesson that I teach. This week I was really able to focus on the needs of the people that I’m teaching, and was able to help many people become better. I love this work so much and I am so happy that I am here and able to help other people!

This week Elder Larrea and I were able to do 2 intercombios with Elder Soto, and Elder Gumuci, and Elder Marcillo, and Elder Salmons. Both of the intercombios were truly amazing. I was able to learn a lot from these amazing elders. At first I was with Elder Marcillo. He is truly an amazing elder and together we were able to work super hard and place 3 fechas for baptism. I truly see a great future for him, especially as a leader here in the mission.  I also was able to be with Elder Gumucio, which was truly amazing.   He is a great elder and it was really cool seeing the way that he taught the gospel. He really makes sure that the people that he is teaching understand the message; we were also able to place a fecha with him as well. The two intercombios we did were amaizing.   We talked about how we can become better missionaries together, and we set goals that we can accomplish!

SAM_9737SAM_9734We have begun to see huge progress with the new plan my comp and I created. The new program is working amazingly well. This week each companionship worked super hard. We increased the lessons that they taught a bunch. We had one elder, Elder Pasten, sick for the whole week, and Elder Pulido sick for 3 days, but regardless of that, this week the zone contacted 530 people and 6 companionships completed the goal of contacting 10 people. These elders and hermanas (sisters), are amazing! Our zone also taught 122 lessons with members. That means that the average per companionship reached over 10. This week the zone also put down15 fechas (dates), which means that in total the zone has 41 investigators with fecha baptismal (baptismal dates). I truly love this zone and the members in it. They are changing Sucre and helping it become a better place spiritually. I truly love this zone and I am going to miss this zone when I leave here.