July 4, 2015

 Buenos, this week was another amazing week.

Let’s see….this week was pretty dang interesting. On Thursday we got ready for our plane ride to Cochabamba. We all got to the airport, all of the zone leaders that are serving the mission outside of Cochabomb, to fly to Cochabomba! We all got there and were waiting for the plane to leave. We were scheduled to leave at 11:20, so we obviously weren’t going to make it by 12:00.  We should’ve made it by 12:15, which wasn’t too bad, but the plane was delayed, and I had to tell president everything that was going on. Finally, at noon, 40 min later, we boarded the plane. The 6 zone leaders that were with me were all sitting in different parts of the plane and I sat next to a young man, and we started talking. He asked me where I was from and I told him that I was from California and then he said in English, “No way, where in California?” I told him Orange County, and he asked me, “Where in Orange County?” I told him I was from Laguna Hill and he said, “No way! I served there on my mission!”  It turns out that he served a mission in our stake, but served in the Aliso ward. It was super crazy because he knew a bunch of the same people that I know from back home!  When we finally got to the meeting it was 1:00 in the afternoon and we were an hour late for the meeting, which kinda stank, but everything went well once we got there.

We also had to teach the class at the meeting, which made my comp, and I pretty dang nervous, but once we got up there everything went super well. We were able to feel the spirit super strong while we were teaching!

Afterwards we went to the church offices to drop a couple of things off for the zone with the secretaries, which was pretty cool. There were some new things that we talked about that we have to incorporate in the zone! Then we went to the assistants house to sleep, and that was such an amazing experience because they live right in front of the temple, so as I was in my bed with my head on the pillow, I could see the temple and Angel Moroni.  It was a really a neat experience.

Saturday the singles group had an activity and they invited us because they were going to do a zapata misional, which means go and search for all the young single adults in the ward that haven’t been going to church. It was super cool. My comp and I split up so that we could find more people faster, and we had so much success. It was awesome.

SAM_9728This week was truly amazing! I had so much fun, and the mission is just passing by so fast its crazy!  I just want to let you guys know how much I love this work! Its truly amazing and I’m so grateful that I am here and am able to better my relationship with my loving heavenly father.