July 4, 2016

 Hey, hey, hey!

This week was the most tiring week of my whole mission. My comp and I put super high goals in place so that we could help as many people as possible. We also made a goal to talk to 70 new people each week, and contact them about the gospel. Every night we got home between 9:30-10:00, and just fell asleep in our beds with our church clothes still on. We were just too tired to take them off!

This Thursday we are flying to Cochabamba for a leaders meeting with all the zone leaders in our mission, and with the assistants, and with the President and his wife. It’s my 4th meeting like this! We have one every month, but this week my comp and I will be teaching, which makes me a bit nervous.

SAM_9703Over the past 6 weeks my comp and I have been working a bunch with the less actives in the ward and we have been able to reactivate 5 of them. This next week we should be reactivating 2 more, which makes us super happy. I’d like to tell you the story about one of the reactivations that we should be having this next week. His name is Gabriel, and he has been inactive for about 8 years. We found him through his grandmother who always attends church. We went to visit him and we had an amazing lesson. The next week he went to church, and the next week he left with us to go teaching and to visit other people. The next week he told us that he made the decision to go on the mission, and he told us that he talked with the bishop about all the mistakes that he had committed in the past and how he wants to change and come clean before God. It’s so amazing to see how much the gospel can change someone’s life for the better and allow him or her to become better people.  yo se que esta iglesia es verdad y que Dios nos ama cada uno de nosotros ni importa lo que hemos hecho en el pasado el siempre estará por nosotros por ayudarnos y cuidarnos durante los tiempos fáciles y difíciles he loves you!!!!!!!!! Love you guys so much! Hope all is well!