June 27, 2016

Hey, hey, hey.

 Here I am again. This week was another great week, but it started off super slow. Tuesday and Wednesday my companion was pretty dang sick. He had a fever and a stomachache, and was throwing up. That wasn’t fun at all, but on Tuesday we were able to find 2 members, one who would stay with my comp, and another to accompany me so that we could still teach and go out and work that day. But it was super funny, because my comp felt super sick that day and just wanted to sleep. But when I came back at 8 that night to pick him up he told me that the brother who had been with him for the past 7 hours never stopped talking once, and telling my comp his life stories. He told me that for 7 hours he was recounting his life and telling him about all these weird experiences that he has had. My comp told me that all he wanted to do was sleep, and he felt super tired the whole time. Ha! I just laughed, and he told me if he was ever sick again to never send him to that member’s house again. I was just cracking up. Ha, ha! I know that member, and its true what he told me, because every time we go to visit him and his family he always tells us super strange stories. Ha, ha.

But this week was a big success. We planed a missionary activity with the ward to watch Meet the Mormons, and it was a huge success. We had 130 people come and about 30 were investigators or less actives. It was an amazing day and a great way to start to share the gospel with others. After the activity we went back to the house and we recreated the whole way in which we help and teach lessons, and follow up on goals with our zone. We literally spent about 6 hours creating this new plan to help the missionaries in our zone reach their full potential in their areas. We are super stoked about this new way to help these amazing missionaries grow together. The next day we called the mission president and his wife so that we could set up a meeting with him to present our plan. It turned out that he was scheduled to pass by Sucre the next day so that he could visit Villazon. So he told us that he could meet with us the next day. On Friday we met with him and we presented him with our new plan, and he said he loved it, and wants our zone to use the new plan that we created. If it works out well he wants to have the whole mission use it. Super cool, huh.



This week was super awesome. I just love my comp so much. He is so amazing. I am so happy that he is my comp. We are having a bunch of success together. We are also meeting with every bishop in the stake each month and are meeting with the stake president once every 2 weeks. It’s super awesome. I love you guys so much. I pray for the best for all of you!