June 20, 2016

Hey family and friends, hope all of you guys are well. I miss you all so much. You’re all in my prayers, and I hope you are all having the best summer ever. Ha, ha! Funny thing is, I cant say the same thing…… here in Bolivia it’s winter, but I am having the best winter ever if that counts?

This week was officially the craziest week of my life. My comp and I are in charge of all of Sucre, and we are also in charge of all the elders and sisters that are outside of the cocha. There are about 60 people, and we are like their travel agents when there are changes in the zone, or when anyone has transfers, and there were transfers this week. The thing that was crazy was that while we were trying to do handle the transfers there was blockades everywhere. That means that the roads are closed because people are protesting and throwing huge rocks and heavy object into the roads. The people are standing there in huge groups so that cars can’t pass by. We had to send people in 5 different groups to different cities, each about 89 hours away, and just my comp and I were in charge of all of it. We went to the airport 5 times this week, which is about an hour away to pick up and send off elders or sisters. We also went to the terminal about 5 times to buy bus tickets and send off elders by bus to Tupiza, Cocha, and Potosi. It was so crazy. My comp and I were so tired, but the good thing is it all ended yesterday at about 6 at night.

As I said, this week was transfers, but I will be staying here in Sucre for one more transfer, or for 6 more weeks, but then I will for sure be going to a new area. I don’t know where, but it will be my last area, which makes me feel super sad.

This week we were able to help a bunch of people come closer to Christ and help them and their family, which made me super happy. I just love the opportunity we have to help others. This week my best friend in the mission, Elder Johnson, ended his mission, which is pretty sad, but we have plans to hang out when we I get back, and I have to teach him how to surf. Ha, ha, ha! That should be supper fun.



matthewWe got 7 new elders and one new sister in our zone this week, which is awesome. I will miss all of the elders that left because they are all truly amazing I was able to grow super close to them, but I am super excited for the new people that are now in our zone. They all seem super amazing and really hard workers, which I just love. There are so many amazing people here in Sucre. My comp and I are getting super close with a family of 7. It’s a single mom and her 3 sons, and her son’s wife and daughter. They’re super awesome. Her son is a return missionary. Her other son just left on a mission about 4 weeks ago, and her other son has his mission call to Peru. They are all super amazing. I love them so much. Tonight we actually have a family home evening with them, which I’m totally looking forward to.  I better go, but I love all of you guys so much thanks for your amazing emails. Miss you all.