June 6, 2016

Hey family and friends. Hope all is well! You guys are so amazing! I’m so lucky to have such amazing friends and an amazing family like you all. I truly consider you all family. You are all in my prayers each and every day.

This week was super cool. We did a lot of contacting, or knocking doors looking for people to teach, or that need help with service. We actually had a lot of success. We have been able to find a bunch of new families and people that have been struggling in their homes. It was a great experience to help these people progress. It’s weird to think of how many blessings we have in California, such as grass. Ha, ha! To be honest I have not seen grass in so long. Ha, ha! That’s one thing I miss a bunch. To be honest, I love it here so much. I truly don’t want to leave because the people here are so humble and are so amazing. They truly are suffering here, but they don’t know anything different so its a big blessing being able to help them progress.

This week we have had so much progress. We were able to rescue someone and have 7 investigators come to church. This week we also went to the 7 waterfalls here in Sucre, which was super cool. I’ll send you guys pictures. I miss you all so much. We also were able to see a member open his mission call, which was amazing! I was able to feel the spirit super strong.



Love you all and miss you! Have a great week!