May 30, 2016

 Hey there family and friends! I hope all is great back at home. How are you guys doing? Anything new?

Well, I’ll just get you guys caught up on what’s going on down here in Bolivia. Today I was supposed to be on a plane and go to Cochabamba with the leaders of the mission, but there are blockades everywhere, which is kind of like a strike. When people here aren’t happy with something that the government is doing they throw huge rocks and tree trunks in the middle of the street blocking all the roads. No one in the whole city can go anywhere. It stays like that until the government and the people come to an agreement, which is pretty crazy. Ha, ha, ha!

So, now I’m still here in Sucre and the meeting with the leaders got changed to the 10th of next month, but the president of the mission is going to come here tomorrow. We have a meeting with him and the stake president of Sucre so that we can talk about the mission work.

This week has been super awesome! We were able to meet many new people and help them find their way to God. I just love being here teaching other people! It’s so amazing! I really don’t want to leave because I feel like I have so much more work that I have to do. My comp and I are knocking on each and every door, looking for new people to teach. We want to have a big group of people that we can teach.

A couple of awesome things happened this week. One of the cool things that happened was that we had a missionary farewell on Sunday, which made me super emotional because everyone was crying, and telling the missionary everything that they loved about him. Then I started to cry, thinking about the day that I left. Ha ha!  I love my comp so much! He’s the best.

SAM_1378.JPGPlease write me if you can. Miss you all so much.