May 16, 2016

Hey, hey hey,

This week was super stressful. As I told you I had combios, or exchanges, so that stank because I was saying goodbye to my old comp that I just loved so much. So we had to send about 30 people in planes to go to Cochabamba, and then I had to send more people to different cities and so on and so forth. Since I had to send my comp as well there was no one left to help me, so I was all by myself. It was super stressful, and I was just running around all day.

But the cool thing is my new comp arrived from Cochabamba as well. He is super awesome, and such a hard worker. I am so happy that I got paired with him.  This week we worked super hard and we found a bunch of people. I can’t wait for this next month and these next 3 months to be honest. With my new comp I am sure that we will have a bunch of success. I’m super happy with the goals that we have put.

securedownloadI love you guys all so much! Have an amazing week!!