DSC00538March 21, 2016


esta semana fue muy vacan.

Lots of things are happening here in Tiquipaya. We are just having so much success, which is just amazing. I know that I will be getting cambios (transferred) this next week. The mission president told me. Although I have no idea where I will be going I know that I will be leaving next Tuesday morning. Things are great here. There are so many awesome families who are ready for the gospel, and we have been helping so many come unto Christ.

This week we should have at least one baptism, but there are about 5 who are super close. Please keep these names in your prayers. Danner Herrera Monroy, Aurora Huanaco, Miguel Rodriguez, Roxanna Campos, and the Sanka Quispe family. They are all amazing and are doing awesome in their progress. They truly love the lord and want to become closer to him.

Want to know something super embarrassing that happened to me this week? Well, I was Joseph Smith for a play that the relief society was putting on, and I had to memorize a bunch of lines. I spent about 2 hours studying them and had them all memorized but when I got to the last part of the play I forgot all my lines I just stood there feeling foolish. Ha, ha, ha! I tried to say the lines but could only remember part of it. It was so embarrassing, but awesome at the same time! Ha!

Well, this week we did a bunch of service. We washed dishes, wacked weeds with machetes, and dug a bunch. Ha! They were all super fun. It’s a brand new experience working with people everyday and helping them. I love this ward so much. The people here are amazing and do so much for others.

This photo is one of my best friends here on the mission. They’re both members and the one on the right I had the opportunity to baptize. On Wednesday we are going to go to the temple together, which will be a super amazing and spiritual experience! I cant wait.