February 1, 2016


Maddy, hey whats up?  Are you okay?  What happened?  Hey, when someone asks if I

served in Bolivia ask then if it was Cochabamba because I probably know them.

This week has been great! We have been working a bunch and found many new and

amazing people. To be honest I miss you guys a bunch. Sometimes I just lay in bed and

think of you guys, but I love being here so much. There are so many people that need

my help and I have seen many miraculous changes and watched people become better

people right before my eyes. It’s amazing. I am so lucky to be here. Its’ weird because

I have just about 10 months left, and the time is just passing by so fast. I do and I don’t

want it to. Ha-ha!  Strange, huh?  But I miss you so much!  Stay safe, and send me a

picture of this guy.

This week was another amazing week. I just love Bolivia so much. To be honest the days

just pass by so dang fast its incredible. Its weird because when I was in my first area I

remember looking at my watch and thinking, dang, we still have 5 hours left in the day

till we go home. The days just seemed to drag, but now its the total opposite. I look at my

watch and think, dang, what’s going on?  Why is the time passing by so fast, and it

makes me sad because I want to visit more people during the day then we have time to



I really feel the saviors love, and I feel like I have been able to show some of that love to

other people. I have the strongest desire to do what is right and to help people to change

for the better. Bolivia is a very different place from what we are used too.  Here the

parents are barely ever home.  They are always working, and not so that they

can take their family on vacation, but working so that they can have bread to eat and

water to drink at night.  Or to pay for their kids to go to school, or so that their kids

can have 20 cents to take a truffi home from school and not have to walk an hour.

The children suffer much also. At age 9 they begin to work at small simple jobs, for

hours at a time each day…about 10, just so they can help support their parents.

The parents and their families have many, many challenges.  It’s a blessing to see

those people who actually put the principles of the gospel into practice. When these

people show their faith in the Lord and begin to do what He asks of them you begin

to see a light grow from inside, and you begin to see and feel the saviors love. I am

very blessed that I have had the opportunity to serve in an area where I could see the

Lords hand and help in everything I can.


I really miss you guys a bunch. This week went by super fast and consisted of working

super hard, as usual, service activities, hiking a mountain, crossing rivers, preaching

in the pouring rain, getting soaked, having a baptism, feeling the spirit touch the lives

of many people, getting ripped off in a taxi, having people believe that I’m from Brazil,

laughing with my comp, divisions, walking a bunch, falling in the rain, giving blessings,

receiving a stronger testimony of my savior, finishing The Book of Mormon, and starting

over again using a Spanish copy from 1980, and just missing you guys. You’re all the

best. I love you all, and I’m so grateful to have you as family and friends.



Here’s a photo from the family home evening that we had, and I lost the games that

we played so the people got to color on me!  Ha-ha!