January 25, 2016

Hey guys how are you doing?

Love you all so much. This week was super fun. Monday we played soccer in the morning with a couple of the people from the ward, which was super fun! I’m getting a lot better at soccer, but don’t worry my favorite thing to do is still surfing. I miss surfing so much. I feel like when I get back I’m going to have to take a whole week to just surf and do nothing else. I miss the family a bunch. After p day on Monday we went to a noche de hoger (family home evening), walking about 30 min in the rain, which was the best. I love the rain so much. That’s one of the many things I will miss here in Bolivia.

This week were able to do service, which to be honest is super fun. Saturday and Thursday we spent 5 hours in the morning pulling out weeds and cleaning the grass at the familia Crespos house. I love them so much. They are awesome, and they are all members. They are recent converts except for the dad, but we are working on him. In their family there is Juan, who acts like the father to everyone in the family. He’s super awesome and we are super close. Then there’s his wife Rosemary who is super cool and awesome. She loves to make jokes and to tell people that I say stuff that I never do just to make others laugh. She’s like my best friend. Then there’s Johlmar who I baptized 2 weeks ago. He always goes with us on visits. He’s 17 and we always talk about life together. He wants to go on a mission and serve his Lord. I think that’s just amazing. After that there’s Margarita. She is super cool. She is also super good at playing racquetball, but I challenged her to a duel and I know that I will beat her. Ha! Finally there’s the mother. I just call her mama Creaspo. She’s super funny as well and has a really big heart. I love their family. They are super cool.

Saturday night we left with Juan and Johlmar to go to a noche de hogar (family home evening), about 30 min from where we were walking. As we got there, there was a family of 6 waiting for us outside. We had been praying so hard for this family. The son who is 14 years old has cancer. He is so super sweet, and the whole family is a family from God…a very special chosen family. We started the noche de hoger, and we were talking about the plan of salvation and how God knows all of his children personally. He created a very special plan for each one of us. We taught them that with help from the Lord we could feel his love, see his help, and his guidance in our lives. We each bore our testimonies about the church and how it had changed our lives. The spirit was super strong in the room. For the next hour we began to play games and just laugh. It really created a special bond with the family. It was getting late so we had to go, even though we didn’t want to leave. We left inviting them to come to church, and that night we prayed super hard. We prayed that they would come to church. The next morning we woke up very anxious for sacrament meeting. When we got there we didn’t see any of our investigators, but as we stood outside welcoming the people as they were walking in, we began to see miracles. One by one, less actives that hadn’t been to church in years began to walk in to the sacrament meeting. My comp and I were shocked, and then at 9:30 that family of 6 walked into church. We didn’t know what to do. We felt amazing, and so blessed. We knew it was the first step in helping this family change for the better and feel the love of the gospel in their life.