January 18, 201

Hey hey hey amigos y amigas como estan

This week was super fun. We have had 2 baptisms in the past 2 weeks! Both have been young men, aged 17 and 18. We now go on splits just about every other day and then meet up and teach the last lesson with these two converts. We call ourselves the fantastic 4. They’re so awesome and they are both planning on going on missions, which makes me so happy. To be honest they are the coolest guys in the world and they understand the gospel perfectly and all that it has to offer. When they share their testimony you can feel the spirit flowing through them every time. This week we contacted and contacted and contacted and searched for many people. Hoping that we could help them feel the true love that the savior has to offer in their lives. We felt the spirit super strong and felt like we helped many. We had 18 people tell us that they would be at church this week. We left early in the morning to pick them all up at 7, but when they got to their houses none of them were there, or they told us that they couldn’t go to church…all 18 of them, 7 different families. To be honest when I got to church I felt super down. I began to listen to the talks with tears running down my face. I began to have a thirst, a thirst to find out what I can do better to make sure that these families know and understand the necessity to be at church and to take the sacrament, so I spent the time planning a lesson and figuring out what I can do better. I decided that I have to share my testimony more, talk about our savior Jesus Christ more, and we need to talk about the importance of Sunday. So this week that is what my comp and I are doing. We also planned a lesson that should help people understand how important these things are. The scriptures for this lesson are…………Romans 3.23    Moses 6.57    2Nephi  16.8   Helaman 5.11   Mosiah 3.17   Luck 22.42-44   2 Nephi 9.21-23   Mosiah 3.17   3Nephi 27.13-16  I end by telling them why Jesus Christ did all of this for us, and that its for this reason, Moroni 4.3, that we take the sacrament. I love my mission. It’s so amazing and I love the opportunity that I have to be with other people and help them come unto Christ. This week I have done a lot of thinking about how I can be a better missionary and help more people understand the important role of the savior. I love the gospel so much.

It’s so amazing to see how fast time is passing here in Bolivia. It’s really sad to be honest. I want to be here longer and help more people. I want all of you guys who are thinking about going on a mission to not think anymore and just go. You will embark in the service of the Lord and be able to feel his love for you and for others. I am so happy that I made the decision to go and serve my savior on a mission. We also had a baptism this week. He is one of the “fantastic four,” and has been going and teaching with us. I hope everything is good at home. I love it here. I couldn’t be happier.