January 4, 2016

Hey hey hey! How are all of you?

First of all, Happy New Years! It’s crazy to think that its 2016. Time just fly’s by so fast. I hope everyone is doing great. Thank you for the letters you guys sent me for Christmas, and for New Years letters. They were all amazing. I am so grateful that I have you guys as friends and family.

This week was truly an amazing one. So many things happened, and they happened so fast. On Tuesday morning I dropped off my comp, Elder Eagar, at the airport. He will now be going to serve in Sucre. I’m so impressed with him. He’s a stud. It’s kinda sad to see him leave, but I know he will do great things in Sucre.



Afterwards we all had a training meeting for some of the elders, so that we could learn how to train other new elders that are arriving on the mission. After the training meeting I went with another missionary to stay with him for a day until the president assigned us our new comps. Until my new comp arrived, my comp for the day was elder Rivas. He was a super cool guy.

The next day we left in the morning to get assigned our new comps, and I got assigned with elder Obragon. He is just a stud. He is super good at teaching, and you can always feel the spirit when he talks. I cant wait to spend the next 3 months working with him. It will be super fun.

On Thursday we had the baptism of Jose Lopez, who is a stud. When he bore his testimony he started to cry. It was amazing to see that. I was so lucky that I got the opportunity to baptize him.

A lot more happened this week, but I just don’t have time to tell you all of it. I love you so much. Thanks for everything! A special shout out for my little brother and sister, Jax and Emme, and their baptism. I hope you guys are safe! Love you all.