December 21, 2015

It’s kinda weird! Growing up we look forward to Christmas so much! We get everything ready. We buy gifts and prepare for this amazing day. But here I am in Bolivia this Christmas and it is a bit different. Two months beforehand, in October, parents start working more, they start doing small things to make a bit more money. There is a member in our ward who has cancer. She lives alone with her little daughter who turned 10 this week. 2 months ago she started making boxes, small jewelry boxes. When we would walk in to teach her, she would tell us how her body was in so much pain and how badly her hands hurt. I asked her why, and she told me it was from making her boxes. I asked her why then would she make them? She looked at me and said, “So that I can get my little girl a Christmas present.” I found out that for every 1000 boxes she makes, she gets 100 bolivianos, and she can only do about 50 a day. After that her hands and her body cramps up. But she made 2000 boxes, and made 200 bolivianos. That is equal to 29 dollars. So she works for 2 months, to the point that she has pain all over her body, just so she can get her child a gift for Christmas. Here in Bolivia Christmas is a time were every parent is working harder, trying their best, just so that they can give their child a gift. Most of the parents here won’t have any money left over for themselves or their spouse, but that isn’t important to them. Here Christmas is more about families. It’s more about love, and peace.

This week we were able to share a video about the birth of our savior to many people. It is such an amazing and beautiful thing. It’s so cool to be able to see how these people stop to think about their savior and all that he has done for us. It’s truly amazing. I really don’t know why He chose to come to this earth just to be spit upon and cursed, whipped, betrayed and mocked, up to His very death. He died a painful death; the death of a criminal. When all he did was save us, and give us eternal life. Now all we have to do is choose to follow Him and repent of what we have done in the past.

The people here are just amazing and so humble! Last week we were doing service for a family and they had about 25 2.5 liter coke and soda bottles filled up with water sitting out side. I thought it was a little strange that they had that so I asked, “Why do you have those bottles out side?”   The little 7 year old said, with out hesitating, “Its so that we can heat up water to take a shower in the night.” We are so lucky, but many times we are blinded because we don’t know what’s out there; what more is there? This Christmas will be my second Christmas away from home. Yes, it will be hard, but I will be with other families and help them feel the saviors love ❤