December 28, 2015

Hey hey mom! How are you? It was great seeing you for Christmas! I’ve literally been waiting 7 months for that day! I miss you so so so much! But it was great talking to you. You look so good, as always. I love you so much. What did you get for Christmas? Anything awesome? What did you guys do for Christmas? I miss you a bunch. This Christmas was super fun because I went Christmas caroling with some recent converts. We also have a baptism this Thursday, which will be super awesome. I can’t wait for that. His name is Jose and we have been teaching him for 4 weeks. He just knows everything about the gospel and he is so amazing. We got combios last night and my comp is going out side of Cochabamba to Sucre, which is about 12 hours away, and I’m going to train. I’m stoked to train. I love training. On Tuesday when we were teaching in the mountains we reached a point where we had to cross a dried up river, but this time the river wasn’t dry. It was was up to my knees, and we had to take off our shoes and socks and roll up our pants and cross the river. I felt like a super hero, ha-ha, but not really. The crazy thing is, 30 seconds after I crossed the whole bridge collapsed!!!!!!! But I made it out alive.


I’m glad to hear from you, and I love you and miss you so much!