December 7, 2015

This week was an absolute blast! Well, they always are, but this week was awesome! This week it rained almost every day. It felt so nice because these past couple of weeks it’s been hot and sunny with no cloud coverage.

Anyway, this Tuesday was pretty fun. We had a district meeting in the morning and then went back to our area to teach. We taught Dayana, a mother who has 3 beautiful young children. We are working to reactivate her in the church she is progressing a bunch. She has been going to church every day for the past month, which has just been awesome. She loves the gospel and knows its true. Right now we are doing a challenge with her, and reading the book of Mormon with the question, “Why does God give us challenges and afflictions in our life.” Reading the book of Mormon with questions like this makes it so much more interesting. I testify that the book of Mormon has the ability, and can answer any question the human soul wants to ask. It’s amazing! I know the book is true and can bless and help any person here on the earth. Tuesday night was also our last dinner with our pencion, because this coming month she will be moving to Peru with her husband. So for our last night she made us pizza, which was super super tasty. That night we also started intercombios with the zone leaders.

Wednesday was also a fun day, although it did go by a bit slower than usual. I think it was because I was in my new area, but in the morning we went to a recent converts house at about 8:30 am. While we were there we did some service for about 3 hours moving large rocks and picking up trash from around their house. the family is called the Crespos and they are awesome. To me they are like family, which is super cool. I just love visiting them every week. Oh, and if was wearing my Abarkas, which are Bolivian shoes. Well, they are like sandals but they are made out of tire and nails so they last forever…literaly! Ha-ha!   Ants did bite me about 5 times during the service project, and dang those small things pack a bunch! Ha-ha. After that I went with the zone leader to his area to teach. His name it elder Castillo. He is from Peru and just a stud. I love the guy. He is a convert and has been on the mission longer than he has been a member of the church! Just a great man. We talked a bunch and we shared our conversion stories, which was pretty fun. It also rained the whole day, which was the best, because I’m kinda tired of the sun. Ha-ha.

Thursday…that was such an awesome and heart stopping day. It all started at just around 4 in the afternoon when we noticed that huge rain clouds were approaching us. Here in Bolivia it would be sunny all morning with no clouds, and the next thing you know it could be pouring! It’s super crazy. As we were walking to our next city we heard a loud crack and looked to the left of us, and BOOMMMMMMMM, lightning literally struck the tree 15 feet from us and it cut the tree in half!! It was soooo crazy! We are lucky to be alive.

Friday, I love Fridays! I don’t know why, just do! Ha-ha! We worked all day, like we should, ha-ha, and had some awesome success. We handed out the book of Mormon and our investigator said that she would read it in 2 days! I was shocked, but we shook on it! Ha-ha. You know how I told you that our pencion is moving to Peru? Well, we had to find a new one, and what I ended up deciding to do is to pay a fruit stand 20 bolivianos a day to be our pencion for dinner. 20 bolivianos is a little less then 3 dollors, but you can buy a lot with 20 bs when you’re buying fruit. We bought 30 bananas, 2 pineapples, and 1 melon. Now our whole house is full of fruit and that is all we eat for dinner and breakfast. It’s amazing. I think this was one of the highlights of my week!

Saturday! Great day as well. In fact we had another baptism, and to make things ever better, it was my comps first baptism on the mission. He been out 16 months, and had told me earlier in the combio that he didn’t think he would ever baptize anyone on his mission, but it was amazing to see his dreams come true. To make it even cooler the president and his wife came down to see the baptism. All went well. I’m sending you a photo of my comp and I with Bladamir, the 12-year-old boy that we baptized, and also a photo of me in the pouring rain.

P.S. Thank you guys all for your hand wrote letters that you sent me. I got them all, and spent the whole night reading them. They brought tears to my eyes. I love my family so much!