November 9, 2015

Hey hey hey! Love you guys, and miss you guys a bunch!

Well, I’ll give you guys a short recap of my week.

Martes: martes was awesome! I got the opportunity to teach Borris and his wife Villma. They are doing just amazing! It’s crazy to see how the gospel affects lives. When we started teaching them their house was super messy and disorganized. When we went back this week it was clean; spotless. You can tell that the gospel is cleaning them when you look at their house. Each week as we come back to teach them their house gets cleaner, and they become closer to God.  When we went in to teach them this week they asked us if they could name their house, as in put a title on their door way. I think we came up with; God guides and directs this house and my family…something similar to that. But it’s awesome!   We actually have another lesson with them tonight. After that we taught some other awesome people and a couple less actives. We began to teach Hma Rivera who wasn’t feeling well and had been super sick. We got the opportunity to give her a health blessing. Then we said good-bye to our pention who is moving to Peru. It stinks that he is gone.   He’s such a great guy.

Miércoles:  We started off the week with a zone conference with the Mission President. It was actually super cool even though it did take 6 hours! The conference was about, “Which way do we face?!” It was basically talking about how many times we do things to please man, or to make us seem cooler in front of others by doing things that we shouldn’t. It talked about how we must please God before man and not just do things to look cool, but to do things to please God. That we should do things that we know are correct. The lame thing that happened that day was when we were coming home. I had the sister missionaries and my comp hide as I called a taxi. I look super Latino, so for me they always give me a cheaper price. Ha Ha! I got the taxi for 20 lbs to go back to our house, so I called the others and we got in the taxi to go home. On the ride home we began talking to the taxi driver about the gospel which was super cool. I thought it went well, but as we were getting out of the car he said, “You guys are Christian’s right? And you believe in what is fair and right?” Obviously we said yes, but then he proceeded to say, “Well then it should cost 30 lbs to get here with four people, so if you really are Christians you should pay 30 lbs.” I was pretty dang mad, but at least we gave him the 30 lbs.

Jueves: Jueves was an all right day. It was super awesome in the morning! We left at 9:30 in the morning to walk to a referral we had received from a member the day before. The reference was 45 min walking distance away, but it was a great walk and I just loved it because it was super cloudy. We taught him, and 3 more lessons before lunch that morning, and it was super awesome. The contact was awesome, and we have another lesson set up with him for tomorrow. But after that………….. Bad news! That afternoon we had about 6 lessons planned out.   We were all set to go and visit but within the space of an hour all of the lessons fell through and canceled.   At 2 in the afternoon we were just sitting out side thinking, “Dang what a bummer!” We decided that we would just go knocking on doors, which does get pretty dang boring. It can also be awesome when you meet a bunch of amazing awesome people. That day we got about 5 doors slammed in our face, and a bunch more people saying no, they didn’t have time, but we did find some cool people who we are going to visit tomorrow.

Viernes: Twas a grand day. I’m trying to learn more Quetchua, which is super hard, but I love it. This day we left with a return missionary to teach some lessons and decided that we would stop by a couple of less actives that we had been trying to visit for the past month. We hadn’t been successful because every time we’ve stopped by they haven’t been home. I don’t know how or why, but when we got there both of the family’s were home which was amazing! We were able to talk to them and get to know them better and teach them a short lesson. We invited them to church and they said that they would go! We were super grateful that we passed by and talked to them. One of the girls we taught was 15 and we asked her if she could have anything in the world, what would it be? She looked at me and said, “That my family had more unity, and were happier, and that my dad would get baptized.” Right as she said that her dad walked in the room and we asked him if we could visit him, and he said of course, come back Monday at 6. So that’s where we will be at 6:00, and I’m stoked to go there.

Sábado: Another great day! Basically all we did that day was teach lessons. We had the opportunity to teach some awesome lessons, but by far the best lesson was the last one. At about 7:30 we walked part way up the mountain to teach one of the less actives in our ward. The week before we gave her a challenge to ask her boss if she could come to work later so that she could come to church and when we talked to her on Saturday the first thing that she said was, “Guess what Elders? I’m coming to church tomorrow!” I told my boss that I would come to work late so that I could come to church. It literally made our day. It will be her first time in church in 1 year. I was so happy for her and it was so cool to see how happy she was for her decision.

Domingo: my favorite day of the week. Church today was amazing! We had 9 of our less actives come to church and 3 of our investigators, including Borris. It was amazing! I felt that the work that we had done that week finally paid off. It was awesome! We were also able to reactivate someone from the ward. It was just amazing so see so many amazing people there. Something else that was amazing was seeing Borris at church. As he walked into church he was wearing a white shirt and tie with his scriptures in hands and everyone went up to greet him, saying, “Hey, how are you?   What ward are you from?” They all thought that he was a member and was just visiting. It was amazing! He is such an amazing person. After that we had a couple of family home evenings to go to, and afterwards, as we were walking home, we saw a mother and daughter walking. The daughter was crying. She asked her mom if there was a way that we could help them, and the mom asked if we were elders, and we said yes. It turns out that they are members but haven’t been to church in a long time. We asked if we could give her daughter a blessing, and promised her that with faith the pain would go away. It was a miracle.

That was my week. Love you guys! Stay safe!