November 2, 2015

Como están mis queridos. Les extraño mucho. Es la verdad, Ojala que todos de ustedes esten bien. Amo la mision y la oportunidad que yo tengo de predicar este evangelio a todos las personas. Se que el poder de este evangelio tiene el poder de cambiar y ayudar a todos las familias aquí en la tierra.

This week was a super fun one!

Borris and Villma, the couple that I told you guys about, are doing amazing and progressing super fast.   I told you how Borris had taken the missionary discussions about 25 years ago, but his wife had never heard of the gospel. We had 2 lessons with them this week and on Thursday we were talking with him about the plan of salvation and the plan that the Lord has for all of us. Then we were talking about eternal marriage. He said that he knows the importance of marriage and has already started their marriage papers. Then we began to talk with them about how a husband and wife are meant to be together forever. At that moment Villma grabbed his hand, and with tears in her eyes she smiled and said, “I can’t wait to be with you forever.” I was just stunned and shocked. These two people are so amazing. It’s amazing how ready for the gospel they are.

Then we went looking for a less active family that a member had told us about. We had a plan to have a lesson with the family, but we went contacting with two members who’s names are Dennis and

Saturday. As we were contacting, Sister Luz, the mother of this less active family drove by, and we told her that we would pass by her house that day. On the walk to her house she drove by again and gave us a ride in the bed of her truck. When we arrived we were able to talk to her and her daughter. We told them that although we may sometimes forget the Lord, and all that He has done for us, the Lord would never forget us. I told her that her loving savior has scars in his hands and in his feet that reminds him of us. That he was sacrificed so that we could progress. As we ended the lesson we asked the mom if she could end with a prayer, and as she was praying she began to cry. I know that this gospel is amazing and can help and change the lives of so many people. I love you all! I hope all is well! Stay safe!

We also had a baptism this week of an amazing family. This family has progressed so much. They have told me dozens of times that this gospel has changed their life.