October 26, 2015

Hola hola hola mi gran familia y amigos!

I’m sorry that the letter I wrote last week didn’t send. I have no idea what happened. Ha! So this week I guess you will get 2! What up!?

This week was a great one. In our district meeting I asked everyone to wear their costumes for Halloween, and during the meeting as I taught we all had our Halloween costumes on! It was a blast! La verdad! Ha Ha! Afterwards we had a couple lessons and then we had a noche de hogar where we made a bunch of delicious food.

I now know how to cut a chicken and everything. Well, its a bit different here because you get the chickens with their heads, and their feet, but we helped cook, and the food was amazing. Afterwards I was feeling a little “risky,” I think that’s the word, but I started a water fight which was the best.

The next day we went to an area called Apote. There we went contacting and taught a few less actives. One of my comps main focus is in Apote because there are many less active people. We go there about 3 times a week to teach, and to help them realize what living the gospel principles can bring to their life. We teach about all the benefits that we can receive. Afterwards we went to the familia garcia, we do service for this family every Wednesday. When we get there we take off our shoes, go to the fields and began to plant. I love planting and farming. I don’t know why, but it just feels so peaceful, and I just love talking to the people while we’re working.

I decided that while I’m here on my mission I’m going to try and learn more languages…Portuguese and also Quetchua. Quetchua is the native language that they speak here. It’s the language of the Lamanites. I’m learning a lot of the language now, which is awesome.

The next day, Thursday, we had intercambios. This is when we switch companions for a day so that we can see the teaching methods of other missionaries. This is a way in which we can grow and learn, and help each other.  That day I was with Elder Nayler who was my best friend when I was in the CCM in Columbia. It was so awesome to teach with him, and to see how much he has grown as a missionary. It’s awesome because we started in the same district when it was super hard for us because we were so new. We were always there for each other and were always lifting each other up. Now he is in my district again, and it’s so awesome. As we were talking we saw a lady walking through a bunch of fields and we both felt the impression to talk to her. She told us about her family and how she was looking for religion in her life. Then she asked us if we could visit here again. Delighted we said, “Yes, of course.” So today my comp and I are going to visit her, which will be awesome.

The next day was Friday! I love Fridays! They’re just the best! To start off the day we had some service projects, baking a bunch of food for day of the dead. Unfortunately, we had to leave early before we could eat anything because of the transfers. After the intercambios we went to Apote, again to teach the wonderful people there. It’s so amazing and so awesome because we are actually starting to see progress among the people who live there. They are mainly farmers and work in the fields. They truly are grateful and love what they have. It doesn’t matter to them how much or how little they may have, they appreciate it all.

Saturday we headed off to Apote again to visit the people that we weren’t able to visit before. We were there early in the morning and talked to a new investigator named Fernando. He’s super cool and asked us to come back on Wednesday and bring him more materials to read. He’s a really super guy. After that we visited a family who asked us to help them make bread, so of course we said. Little did we know that it was 20 pounds of bread and that it would take 3 hours! Ha ha! But it was fun and all in all it was a super good day. After that we taught some awesome lessons with some super cool investigators and less actives.

Sunday, the great day of the Lord, we had a meeting with the bishop at 7:15. The Bishop talked to us about how the ward was doing and how he could help us and how we could help him. We also talked about the progress of the people that we were teaching. At church we had a couple of investigators come and a less active family, which was awesome. It’s so great to see people come to church on Sundays. You work all week long just for that day. Trying to teach them and help them to honor the Lords day. After that we had a training session for 3 hours where we taught the ward missionary’s how to teach and what to share, and how to help others.

To be honest it was a great week. I love this work. It has helped me grow into a better person. I just barely started this work and I can’t wait to be helping others for the rest of my life. I love you guys all so much. Thank you for all that you do. Stay safe.