October 19, 2015

Hey, hey, hey! How are you guys? Hope all is well and everyone it just the best! Hope you guys all have a great week.

This week was just another amazing week here in Tiquipaya, Bolivia. I just love it here. It’s super different from my past areas because it’s a lot more civilized. There is a lot of farmland here and it’s amazing. This week I learned something amazing. Throughout the past 10 months my comps and I have been working super hard contacting day after day. We’ve been looking for new people; sweating, bleeding, laughing, smiling, crying, feeling just about every emotion you could have, and we have worked our tails off. All these experiences have been such a blessing because I have had the opportunity to learn so much on my mission. We’ve worked super hard, but we never really had a bunch of success with investigators in the areas I’ve served. For every 15 doors that we would knock on, maybe1 would listen to us and invite us back to teach them. This was super hard because we would pray night and day to find those who have been prepared to hear the message of the Lord; a message of hope, of trust, of love and of peace; a message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. During all those trials, all those times that I had doors slammed in our faces and all of those people who would make fun of us for what we believed in and stood for, we were being taught by God, by our loving heavenly father, to prepare for this area and for the people who live here. I know that if I started in this area I would not have been prepared spiritually, physically or mentally for the amazing and wonderful people that live here in this amazingly beautiful area. I now know the plan that the lord had for me, and that my other areas were put in my path to help prepare me for areas where there are possibilities for a bunch of success. It’s amazing how the world works in such mysterious ways. In my old areas I sometimes felt like maybe He wasn’t hearing my prayers, but really He was hearing them all along. He was just waiting until I was able to always teach with the spirit and always help others. That’s why I’m here. The Lord has answered my prayers. He has helped me grow stronger and He will always answers and hear our prayers no matter what.

Honestly, there are so many people here who are so ready to hear the gospel. We went contacting a bunch this week and we found some amazing investigators. 4 of them were at church this week. That was just the biggest blessing we could’ve ever received. We had been praying and fasting for miracles, and this week in our area we have had so many. I am now starting to see how much the Lord is helping us in this area. He is helping us teach the people, He is helping them grow and learn. He isn’t only helping us teach, but he is also helping us grow as individuals. I cant wait to spend more time in this area and learn and grow with the people here. It is such an amazing opportunity to be here. I miss you all so much and hope all is well. Remember, no matter what the Lord will, and is hearing and answering our prayers.

Oct 19, 2015Oct. 19, 2015I love you and miss you all! Thanks for all you guys do! You’re amazing!