Oct. 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

Hey hey hey! How is everyone? Thank you so much for all the letters I got this week! It’s just amazing hearing from your guys! You are all just the best, and I miss you all so much.

Well, I’m here back in Cochabomba now, and to be honest I never really wanted to serve in a big city like Cochabomba. I just don’t really like the city. I love working in smaller pueblos where there are fewer people and you can get to know each of them better and as individuals. I love it when you can teach with the people. I love when you can learn and grow with the people, while at the same time you are working with them, laughing with them, and helping them through their struggles. I like when you are simultaneously feeling the same emotions.   I am back in Cochabomba now, but I got lucky. I’m in the out skirts of the city. I’m in the campo and at a base of a mountain. I’m so happy that I’m here. I have the opportunity to not only teach the people in my area, but to work with them. I get to do service working in their fields, planting, farming, rooting, building houses, it’s a unique and amazing experience. I just love it! I know I will really enjoy the next couple of months that I get to spend here.

I left to come here on Tuesday. I thought it would be a max of 18 hours on the bus, but I was wrong. Ha-ha-ha! It was a 21-hour bus ride. Although it was crazy long, and crazy hot, it was amazing and super beautiful! For about 6 hours we were just driving through the mountains, which was beautiful. We were able to see many new pueblos and amazing rock formations. I wish I could send you photos but I was just enjoying the view and forgot about taking pictures.

I’m here in my new area and it’s amazing! My new comps name is Elder Eagar he is also from California and he is super cool. He is such a great kid and super humble. I’m looking forward to being his companion and spending time together. The ward here is great, a lot more organized then the branch I was in before. It’s funny because back in Villazon the missionaries did everything. We taught about 3 church classes every Sunday and would give a bunch of talks for sacrament. When I got here I asked which classes we were responsible to teach?   My comp said we didn’t teach any.   I was shocked because in both of my areas on Sundays we would teach at least 1 or 2 of the classes. Funny thing is after the sacrament we went to the Gospel Principles class and then a member came up to me and asked me if I could teach Sunday school for the adults.   Of course, I said yes, and then they said awesome! The lesson is on 2Romans. Right when he said that I was like dang, I’m done for; I have no idea what 2Romans says. Ha-ha-ha, but after some life saving scriptures that I found I was able to teach the class. Then after that I was going to the next class when a member of the bishopric asked me if I could teach the next class which was the Melchezedek Priesthood class. Again, I said of course.   Ha-ha-ha, and taught that class as well. That Sunday was just a bit hectic because I wasn’t able to plan at all before the lesson.

This week my comp and I decided to go contacting in a part of our area that is pretty far away. As we began climbing up the base of the mountain we felt like we should knock on a door, so we did and when we did a man came out without a shirt on and said, “Oh sorry, one sec,” so we waited and he invited us in and we started to talk to him. As we were talking we found out that 15 years ago he had a date to be baptized but he moved and lost contact with the missionaries. He said that he was amazed that we were at his door. He’d tried to find the missionaries but never could. It was amazing and an answer to our prayers. I can’t wait to teach him and his family again this week. I love you guys all so much! Be safe! Miss you.