September 21, 2015

Well, how in the world are you guys??

This week was another great week! Last Monday, our free day, my comp and I decided to get back to work right after we wrote our families, and it actually ended up being a cool experience. We were able to teach a bunch of people who I felt really needed us that day.

Well, I’m coming up on 6th months here in Villazon! I think it’s so super crazy that I will have spent 1/4th of my mission in this area. The coolest part is that I know where everything in this city is. I literally know all the street names, where to get the best panchitos, where to get the best empanadas, where they have food for cheaper, ect. So that’s super awesome. Also, now every time my comp and I leave the house we have our four German shepherd’s by our side. They follow us everywhere! The funny thing is it gets my comp so annoyed because they’re always rough with him but I love it so much because they are my guardians! Even now, while I’m in the Internet café they are right outside waiting for me to leave. Ha Ha!

This week we have been focusing a lot on this family the Andrades. It has been a huge blessing. They are all progressing super well. Their mom is an investigator and the two brothers are recent converts and then the sister is less active. They all live in the same house, which in America we wouldn’t even consider a house. Their house is about 15 feet by 10 feet and has one cabinet, with cardboard all over the ground to sleep on, and one bed. Their bed is not what we would call a bed here in the states either. They have a 40 pound straw mattress with a metal frame. One day this week I asked them who out of the 4 family member sleeps on the bed, and they said no one. Then I asked why not? I will never forget their response. They all told me it was because its “foe,” which means ugly in Spanish. They went on to say that it’s also cold, and you feel lonely up there. So the whole family, rather than have one of them sleep alone, they all sleep together on cardboard mats with an open roof, and without a door, just so they can be together. It just goes to show how important family is here, and how these people will do anything to be with their family. They show so much love for the little things that they have.

This week I also kind of changed my whole out look regarding my mission, or more accurately bettered my way of looking at my mission. One night I was thinking about the mission and a thought came into my mind. How can I better serve my mission and the time that I have left on my mission? I was thinking about all the people that I have visited, and decided that the most important thing I could do to better serve these people, to help them progress, and to truly know that they are loved by their loving heavenly father is to get to know them better. In this way I can truly understand them and help them progress here in this life. I am here because I love my savior, and because I love the people and I know with out a doubt that this gospel will and can bless each and every person here on earth. I love this gospel and know it is correct and leads to peace and happiness. I am so very thankful for my wonderful parents and siblings, Karch, Sandon, Maddy, Olivia, Kendall, McKay, Kenya, Jax, and Emme! You guys have always been there for me and have been such great examples. I cant wait to come home and give you all huge hugs.

One more thing before I have to go. This Sunday there were elections held in Bolivia so we couldn’t have a sacrament meeting, so we decided to have a sacrament meeting in Argentina. We asked the president and we got it approved, so on Sunday we walked 1 hour to go to our sacrament meeting, which we all conducted, and we all gave talks their. It was awesome! I had 30 seconds to prepare, but it all went well and we had a couple of less actives and investigators walk about 40 min just to get there! How amazing are they? Well, I’ll talk to you guys all next week.