September 14, 2015

Hello family and friends! I have so much to tell you. I hope I can get it all out!

First, the funny stuff! This Thursday I was walking outside with my district after the 4 of us ate lunch. We were walking with our missionary swag, WHITE SHIRT, TIE, WORN OUT SHOES, AND BOOK OF MORMON IN HAND! OH, AND WITH A SMILE ON OUR FACE! So to sum it up we were looking fresh! Ha, ha! As we were walking we walked past a school where these girls were playing soccer. They kicked it out of bounds and I was watching some guy kick the ball back, and as I was walking little did I know that there was a big wooden telephone pole right in front of my face! So what did I do? I just walked right into it face first! Actually the only thing that hit the pole was my face, but don’t worry I played it off like a champ and just kept walking with out a care in the world! Ha-ha! Great day!

Then the next day, Saturday, we were walking to Argentina, which is about a 45 min walk, but it’s fun! I love it! My comp and I just talk the whole time about random things. Anyway, as we were walking there were a couple of dogs. Bolivia is way different then America. Here there are hundreds of dogs that just live on the street. Some are good and others are bad and just want to kill you! Anyway, I was kind of looking for some fun, so I decided to play with these dogs and they were playing with me and biting me playfully. Then the dog bit my pants and ripped them!!!!!!!!!!! The rest of the day I was walking around with my pants ripped! It was a great day! Ha!

Now for the serious stuff, we were talking to our less active family, who is making a bunch of progress, and have been coming back to church. But with this particular family there are 7 people living in a house that is falling apart. It is literally collapsing. We put up big logs to keep the house from collapsing but we know that that will only help for a little while. Their house is super tiny. There are two rooms about 30 by 20 feet in size, and their house is made of adobe. Over time their walls have tipped and they told me that when the rainy season comes, which is in 2 months, the rain will destroy their house and cause it to tip over. I just felt horrible! We are trying as hard as we can to help them, but I just don’t know what do. All we can do is pray, but we asked them how much they could spend a month to rent a house. They said 200 bolivianos, which is nothing. The one room, tiny house, which my comp and I live in, is 500 bolivianos a month. 200 bolivianos are worth 27 dollars. It just pains me that the people here in Villazon, Bolivia live in such poverty. 65 percent of the country lives in poverty, and its worse in Cochabamba. In our mission, we talk a bunch with the members about going to the temple, but for them its 20 hours away and about 2 years of savings. I know how important the temple is and it makes me so sad that many of these people will never have the opportunity to visit the temple and receive so many of the Lords blessings.

I love you guys so much and hope you like my letter. Miss you all! Can’t wait to receive some of your letters next week!