September 8, 2015

Hey all my friends and family! Hope you are all doing well!

I don’t have a lot of time to write but I promise next week I will write more. Today we had the opportunity as a zone to go to the world’s largest salt flats which was super amazing! I love you guys all and miss you so much. I hope you all have amazing days, and think of how many blessings the lord has so generously given us. We are all so blessed that we have the opportunity to call our God our loving Father in Heaven. He is always there for us and he loves us. I know that this life has its ups and downs, and often we end up thinking about the downs of the day, but we must realize the hand of the lord in all things. He only wants what’s best for us and can’t help us if we never ask him. I encourage all of you guys to pray to our father in heaven and ask him for his guidance in our lives. I love you all! Stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!!.