August 31, 2015

Hello all you family and friends!

This week just like every other week was super fun! My comp and I found a bunch of new investigators, which was a huge blessing. One night my comp and I were contacting in the viviendas (apartments), which is one of the furthest parts of our area. As we were contacting we decided to knock on this particular door that just seemed to stick out. As we started talking to one of the kids who lived there I asked how many people were in their family and she said 16! I was like, what? No way! Then I asked how many brothers and how many sisters? She said 8 and 8! No tie breaker☺ I was completely blown away! A family of 16 kids! That’s so crazy! We made an appointment to come back and when we came back 9 of them were there and we taught all of them! I was sitting on the ground with my comp and they were on one big stool. As I finished sharing my testimony they all clapped for me, which was super weird! That has never happened in a lesson to me before, but it was amazing.

The mission is hard, don’t get me wrong, but I love it here. Everyday we are faced with different challenges that make us to think differently, and use and be guided by the spirit. Its an amazing experience. The poverty here is like nothing that I have ever seen before. Its super sad, but its awesome when we get the opportunity to live like the people here live. They work day to day to survive and if they don’t have work one day they won’t eat that day, but these people here are the hardest workers I have ever seen. Its incredible. I love serving in this area and helping the people here.

PS. I need to send out one of the biggest happiest birthdays to my little sister Olivia. What a stud! I’m bummed I won’t be able to be there for your birthday, but I miss you a bunch and I want you to know that you are always in my prayers, morning and night. Stay safe and party just a little! Ha-ha! Only celebrate at good, and Matthew approved parties! I can’t wait do see you when I get back.

PSS. I know that this church is true. I have seen how the gospel has had a mighty effect on the people here in Bolivia. I have felt the spirit of the Lord thousands of times on my mission. I have seen people change through the love and the power of God. This gospel is incredible and is correct. We must realize that although we may want to choose which church is right, we cannot. It’s not our decision. It’s the decision of the Lord. We must pray NOW to find out if what we are doing is correct or not!!! I would like to invite all of you guys to pray to your Loving Heavenly Father with that question in mind to really find out which of all the churches is correct!!