August 17, 2015

Buenas familia y amigos y extranjeros.

How are all you guys. This week was a pretty crazy one. On Tuesday our whole zone went up to Potosi for zone conference. We have this every 3 months. That was pretty fun, but the bus ride took 8 hours, and I lost, or more accurately left the watch that Will gave me before I left on my mission on the flota (bus) that we took to go up to Potosi. I said a little prayer, and the the next night when we got on the flota to go home, just by chance we happened to be on the exact same flota! I said another little prayer and was like maybe, just maybe, it will be there, and sure enough when I looked, it was in the exact same spot. Now I am absolutely convinced that this is my lucky watch. Si o si. Haha!

We got back from Potosi on Thursday morning at 5:30 am and had an hour left to sleep! Ha-ha. After our hour nap we just left and went to work as normal. We were still super tired from the trip because we didn’t really get the chance to sleep on the flota, but that night was super awesome. My comp and I decided to go contacting, which is where you go and knock on people’s doors looking for people to teach. It was getting late and we were about to leave because we had to go teach a class at church but we decided we should knock on one more door. We both felt the impression to knock on this particular door, but when we knocked we received no answer so we knocked again and still nothing. As we were about to leave A FAMILY OF 4 WALKED TO THE DOOR. IT WAS A POLICE MAN AND HIS 3 KIDS. We told him who we were and he invited us into his house. We were like what, that’s awesome. As we sat down and talked to him we learned that his siblings were all members in Sucre but he wasn’t a member. We talked to him a bit longer and he was just super humble. The spirit was so strong and filled the room with peace. He began to cry and thank us for coming. He said that this was just what he needed. He invited us to come back the next day so we did and just had an amazing lesson with his entire family.

I literally love my mission and my district. In my opinion this is the best district that there is. I have learned so much from them its just crazy. We have cambios (transfers) this week so I might be leaving Villazon. I will be pretty sad if I do because I have spent 4.5 months here and I love it. This Thursday we will be all leaving to go to Cochabamba for a conference with David A Bednar. That’s going to be super crazy, but we have to take a 20 hour bus ride to get there. The cool thing is that we will be able to study our Spanish and also read a bunch of the scriptures.