August 10, 2015

Hola friends and family!

This week was really just an amazing week. I feel like I say that all
the time but its true! This week and every week of my mission really
is amazing! This week we had the opportunity to find a bunch of new
people who I feel we had been guided to by the spirit. This week
we had the opportunity to visit the Ochoa family, they are just doing
amazing! They are a family of 9 whose house consists of 2 rooms which are about 30’x15’ in total, but they are amazing and super humble. We
were talking to the mom Marilou who we will be rescuing next week.
Her biggest issue is money. She works super hard and works a bunch. She has 5 kids and a baby and it’s super hard to support them. She also
doesn’t know how to read which is super hard on her and her family so we decided to teach her how to read so she could find a better job. As we were talking to her we felt inspired to teach her about tithing. I asked her if she had ever paid a tithe, and she said she hadn’t. I asked her how much she made each week and she said that it depends. On a good week she makes 50 bolivianos, that’s equivalent to 7.2 dollars a week which really is nothing at all, but she `promised to pay her tithing this week. I just know that it will be the best decision she could make and that she will receive many blessings through her faith and her devotion to the

I love serving a mission. I have learned so much. I know that I have so
much that I can work on to be a better person. I have so many faults
but I’m trying my best to be better each week. I truly do understand
more about the atonement of Jesus Christ and how He was perfect. How He suffered so much for each and every one of us to allow us the
opportunity to return to him with all his glory. He lives and is here
to help us. Read alma 7:11-12, and also 2 Nephi 4:5-35 they are just

I love you guys! Have an amazing week.

PS. Tomorrow I’m going to Potosí for 2 days, which is the highest city in the world!