August 3, 2015

Hey guys how are all of you?

I already wrote you all a letter earlier, but it got deleted! I was
just about done when the power in the internet room cut off and it all got deleted. #missionarylife.

This week was just incredible. We had the opportunity to
work super hard this week and contact a bunch of new people. Out of the approximate 50 people we had contacted we were able to find about 3 golden families, which was just a huge blessing to our prayers. One of them is named Irma Copa and her family. We found her while we were contacting late into the night. She is amazing! She has a family of 5, her and her husband, and 3 kids. They all go to a different a church, but they’re super cool. Then there’s Juan Carlos, we found him
contacting in the middle of the day. We were late to lunch but we
thought we should contact one more person. We began to say a prayer as
we walked and I just felt led to this house. I knocked on the door
and there was nothing, then I looked behind me and there was a man
walking towards us. He said, “Hey this is my house,” and as we began to talk we learned that he had been talking to the missionaries about a year
ago and wanted to start going to church and taking the discussions
again. The next person, maybe just the most amazing person, was Johana. When we knocked on her door she seemed a little shy, but as we kept talking to her, and shared our testimonies about families she just began to light up. As we were about to leave she asked us where we came from? Then she said, “I now have 2 angels at my door,” that was just super cool. I also had the opportunity to baptize Lisbeth. She is a 15-year-old girl and her family are all less actives, but we are reactivating them all next week. What an amazing opportunity for the family to grow again in the gospel.

Another crazy thing happened this week or actually yesterday.
The 4 of us from our district live with a member in her house. We just
rent out a room so we always see her and help her out, but she is
really old and has a bunch of problems with her heat which is just
super sad. But she has a son whose name is Pepe. Pepe is about
40 years old, and he is just the biggest Mormon boy ever. I think he’s
the coolest guy. He is constantly there with his mom, just watching over her and keeping her safe. Every time he leaves the house he
asks us if we can check on her and make sure she is alright. Yesterday she asked us if we could give her a blessing of
health as a district, and of course we did, but as we began to give the
blessing we just felt inspired to tell her that she had completed her
time and her mission here on earth, and that she was ready. We all
left with tears in our eyes and her son who’s not a member was just
balling, but as we began to talk to him we began to talk about families
and how they are so essential. We told them that it’s possible for him
to live with his mother forever after this life. He said that he
understood and now we all going to start teaching him and his family.
Please, if you have to opportunity pray for him and his opportunity to
live with his family forever, I would greatly appreciate it.

The next morning, which was in fact this morning, Elder Johnson and I were talking with her and her
son, and we asked her if we could read her her
favorite scripture. She said of course, and I felt like this was the last time that I we will ever see her again. As we were talking to her I told her
how lucky she was that in just a short while she would be able to
reunite with her father in heaven and her savior. I have never talked
to some one so close to death and it gave me a brand new picture of
life. I know we always teach about the plan of salvation and how after
this life we get the opportunity to live with our father in heaven. I
now know the feeling that I will probably have when I’m close to
seeing my loving father in heaven again. It was amazing. Elder Johnson
and I had tears running from our eyes. As we left she said, “Elders, I’m not
afraid, I’m sealed to my mother, my father, and my sister . I’m just missing
my son and I know one day I will be sealed to him.” She said she was
happy to see her father again. I know how important eternal
families really are. How the family is the most important social unit
of all time and eternity. Each member of our family is in our family
for a grand purpose. At times we may not understand what
that purpose is, but one day we will know. I know with every single
fiber in my body that this gospel is true, and that families can live together forever through Jesus Christ and his everlasting atoning
sacrifice. I will spend the rest of my life helping other families to
feel closer, to feel more joy, peace and love together. I love my family and
always will.

Love Elder Ziering