July 27, 2015

Hey, hey, hey….

Hope everyone is doing well. I miss you all a bunch. This week was crazy. My comp and I are sick but still working our tails off which I love.

Last week we decided to make spiritual goals for the cambios through revelation and prayer. As my comp and I were praying the numbers that we reached were 8 reactivations and 4 baptisms, which is just crazy high, but I know that we are capable of those numbers. This week has been super awesome. I have learned to put my total and complete faith and trust in the Lord, because after I have done all that I can do, the only thing that is left is to trust in Him.

This week my comp and I and our district have been working as hard as we can to turn this branch around. This week we will have 4 rescues and 1 baptism. I am super stoked for that! We are doing all we can for our investigators and less actives, and this week there was a wonderful miracle when Adriana and her 2 daughters came to church! It was their first time in 5 years, and they live the furthest away from the church. Further then anyone else that we are visiting. They had to cross through the river between Argentina and Bolivia just to get there because the girls don’t have their papers. That was just amazing. I will try to send you guys a photo next week.

This week we have been talking to Sonia and Gaston. They are both progressing a bunch, which is amazing, but they weren’t at church this week, which was super sad. We had been praying so hard for them. I know they will eventually come and be baptized but just please pray for them.

The past week the President of Bolivia came to Villazon and I called it.
Ha-ha! It was on Sunday and my comp and I were walking to an appointment and we saw a helicopter. I thought, that’s weird there is only one helicopter in all of Bolivia and it’s the President’s helicopter so I said, “Hey I think that’s the President,” and sure enough it was! Ha-ha! That was kind of funny and cool. Things are crazy here in Bolivia. There are blockades all over, and no one can leave. We have to send missionaries food from other cities! It’s crazy. Love you all! Miss you all! Stay safe! Love life! It’s a huge blessing!