July 18, 2015

Well hello everyone! How are you? I hope you guys are doing well over in sunny California, and up in Utah.

This week was a pretty crazy. My new comp finally got here Tuesday at noon and we just went right to work. About every 3 months you get new comps, and it can be pretty hard getting used to them because they are all so different, but hey, WHO DOSEN’T like challenges?
The cool thing about my new comp is that I am finishing his training so I get to train him to be a super good missionary. I’m senior comp so I make all the decisions☺ Ha-ha-ha! Well, we make a lot of decisions together but what’s awesome is that I can make him work hard and teach him all sorts of new stuff. But trust me, as I teach him, and we teach together, I am learning so much stuff myself. He’s a super good teacher which is awesome. His name is Elder Carrasco from Conception Chile.

This week was super awesome! We are working with a bunch of less actives which has been our new main focus; that, and finding priesthood for our branch. We had a district meeting on Saturday, and our district leader asked us our thoughts on what we need to do to reactivate this branch because our branch is struggling so much. And our district only has 4 elders! Ha-ha! Elder Johnson is our district leader and I just love him. We lived in the same house and have been in the same district for over 3 months now, which has been awesome! He is such an amazing leader. Anyway, we came up with a bunch of things. A couple of them include contacting everyday, printing all the names and directions of all the people who were baptized in our branch and contacting all of them. There are 600, but only about 100 that attend church every week, so we have a lot of work to do. Our goal is to focus on teaching PEOPLE, not lessons. We need to take time to individually plan for each person that we meet and assess their needs so we can help them progress and grow in the church. After the meeting we usually put goals for how many baptisms and reactivations we should have for the month, but we decided to do it for the combio, which is in 6 weeks. Elder Johnson had us all go into individual rooms and pray to receive revelation. As I was praying I got this super strong impression that our goals should be 8 reactivations and 4 baptisms. This is crazy especially with who we are working with right now, but my comp and I have faith that those are the Lords numbers and that we can reach them.

This week was super interesting because as we were planning for each person individually that we taught we could truly feel a difference in the lessons. In about 6 lessons our investigators and less actives began to bare their testimonies and their true feelings. They were in tears talking to us. We sat there not knowing what to say or how to comfort them but as we each began to open our mouths we were filled with the spirit and taught powerfully with the spirit. It was amazing. I’m learning that we all need to put our full trust in the Lord. I know it can be hard to do so at times, but truthfully He only wants the best for us, and when we put our complete trust in him He will bless us in our trials and challenges. Often when we have risks involved with making the right chooses, we loose that trust and we loose our faith, but we must remember that our Lord doth nothing save it be for the benefit of his children…us.

I love all you guys! Feel free to write me if you have the time. I love the opportunity to receive letters from all of you. Miss you all so much!