Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing amazing!

This week was absolutely amazing! The weather is getting worse, but
I actually like it, its super different. Ha-ha. The other morning it
was -12, which was crazy. Then later in the day there was a bunch of
wind. It’s now getting into the windy season, and the bad part about
that is that most of the roads are just dirt, so we just get pelted with
sand in our eyes and all over our clothes, ect., but I kind of like the wind.
More so when it’s against our backs! Ha-ha-ha.

On Saturday, around noon, we left our recent converts house to
go and teach one more lesson which was about 30 minutes away. As we
left their home, 4 super big dogs, and I mean big…2 huge German
Shepherds, a big lab, and another big dog, decided to follow us.
Normally if this happens its just one or two of these big dogs that would follow, but on this day there were 4 of them, and we didn’t know why. Anyway often drunk people on the streets harass us. (One day this drunk guy actually swung at me in the face, but luckily I dodged it and just kept walking) This time there were about 50 drunken people spread out over about 50 yards watching a soccer game on a dirt field. We had to walk past them to go to our next meeting. As we started to walk past them they all started to yell at my companion and I. They began to
curse and us and to threaten us. A couple of them started to walk up to us as if they were going to start a fight with us, but as soon as they started to approach the 4 dogs ran to us. The dogs walked with us. Two of them walked in front and 2 of them walked behind us, as is if they were guarding us from the drunken men. The drunken people called out that they weren’t afraid of “our” dogs, but they stopped them from coming any closer to us. At that moment I knew that those dogs were sent
by God to protect us and keep us safe as we journeyed on our way. The
drunks didn’t touch us and nothing bad happened. I know that if it weren’t for those dogs something bad would have happened. They were angles for us. Now they always follow us around as we teach, as if protecting us.
I know that my God it a God of love. He is a God who cares for his children. He loves us so very very much. Our God will never leave us alone even if we want Him to. He will always be there for us. Our God is the God who created each and every person here on earth. Our God is
the God of everyone.

After that we had to walk back by them again, and as we did the dogs did the exact same thing. This time a lady came up to us and asked us if we could visit her son. As we are missionary’s we said, “of course,” and we asked where he was? She said he was in prison. We found out the time when we could visit, and right after church we went straight to the prison to teach him. When we walked in we got patted down and had just our scriptures with us. We walked in and it was the most ghetto prison I had ever seen. The prisoners were in a courtyard. It was pretty small and they just stared us down. There were only 2 security guards at the gate and about 35 prisoners. At first I was pretty hesitant but then a calming feeling come over us and we began to teach this man. It was amazing because he was super interested and wanted to change his life. Before we lift I turned to him and said, “Before I leave I just want to tell you that your mother loves you and cares so much about you that when we were walking through a bunch of drunk people she was only thinking about you. She wasn’t thinking about how the other people would judge her as she called us over and asked us to visit you. It made me think of you mom, and how much you love and care for each and every one of your kids. I love you so much.

This week we have seen so much progress in our investigators. Sonia
brought 5 friends to listen to us and are just soaking up everything.
It’s amazing. They went to the ward activity and to English class. This
next month we should have 8 baptisms and 6 rescues. It’s just so amazing, but this may be my last week here. I’ll find out on Sunday night if we will be leaving or not, but I hope not. Love you all and miss you all so