June 8, 2015

Hey guys! All of you amazing family and friends, I hope all is well!

This week was such an amazing week! My comp and I were focusing on teaching with members, and we taught 22 lessons which was just amazing! I’m so grateful for members! Anyway, on Monday we were talking with Alex and Melina about fasting and they said that they wanted to fast with us. It was going to be their first time, which was awesome. So on Saturday, we went to their house after lunch to start our fast. They made us food, but we had already eaten, but we couldn’t say no. As we were eating they bore their testimony about reading the book of Mormon. I was just blown away. It felt so amazing. After that we taught them more about fasting and how we should fast with a special purpose in mind and always remember that purpose while we are fasting. We continued and explained a bit more. Then we all began our fast together with was just awesome. Then we asked them if they wanted to go and teach some lessons with us, and they said yes. So from 3:00-6:30 we were with them teaching a bunch of people. They led us to about 4 separate houses that they knew of with big families and we taught them all. We asked Alex and Melina if they could share their testimonies, and they did. Their testimonies were so sweet and sincere. They talked about how before they knew the gospel they felt lost, and as if there was no one there for them. Now they can feel Gods love and His blessings. It was just such an amazing testimony. It is so amazing to see how much the gospel has changed their lives.

Also, in Argentina we have found these amazing investigators; a brother and a sister. The boy was named Christian, but I can’t remember the sister’s name. We talked with them out side their house for about 40 minutes. It was amazing watching them just soak up everything that we were saying, and we have another meeting with them on Wednesday. We have a lot of less actives who live in Argentina because there used to be a church there, but then it got closed down because of some reason or another. I’m not really sure, but we are working on starting up a new branch there. Also our investigator Monica Tolaba is doing amazing. We have been teaching her a lot and she is progressing very rapidly. we are working on reading the Book of Mormon with her so she can gain a testimony of the gospel and of the book of Mormon.

This Sunday was amazing! It’s the climax of every week because we work super hard all day, every day, and Sunday is the day we get to see if our work has paid off or not. This week it did!! We had 3 less actives come to church and were able to reactivate one of them. We also had 3 investigators come to church. It was Fast Sunday so we asked Alex and Melina to bare their testimonies, and they did. She was super scared so I went up there with her. After her testimony I bore mine. It was such an amazing week. Now we are going up to the top of Tupiza for our zone meeting, which is tomorrow. It will be exciting to hear who else is in our zone.

PS. I love my comp so much. He’s so amazing, and has such a strong testimony.

PS. Again, Happy Birthday to my lovely mom! She is turning 25 tomorrow. JK, not 25, but close to there, kinda☺ I just want to say how much I love her and how I’m so grateful to have her loving influence in my life. I miss her so much and hope she has the most amazing birthday! A bunch of hugs and kisses to her. Be nice to her tomorrow. All of you.

PS. Again it’s freezing here, and there is ice all over the streets! Crazy huh? It’s not even winter yet…that’s the scary part