May 18, 2015

Hi family and friends! Hope all is well!

I just want to start off by thanking my family for everything. I see the families here, and I see how many of them are broken, and receive little to no support. Then, I look at my family and see how truly blessed I am. I also have some of the most amazing sisters you could ever find.

Well, this week was amazing. I love my comp so much. He and I always work our tails off, but it’s super fun because we can truly testify to the fact that when we are working hard the Lord blesses us. The days and the nights keep getting colder and colder. It’s pretty funny because we have no heaters in our house so our house is always super cold. In the morning, when we are studying, we have our thermals, our long sleeve shirts, our sweaters, and our jackets and gloves on. We look super funny,

This week we continued to meet with Alex and Melina. They are doing great! We have a goal for him to finish his papers next week and then to get married to Melina on the third of June. The following day, on the 4th, he is to get baptized. They both agreed to it and are super excited and progressing a bunch. They both have such a strong testimony about this gospel. It’s amazing! We can really see how this gospel can and will change people’s lives for the better. On Saturday we were talking with them during our discussion and they were saying how they were having a problem in their relationship because of a minor problem. But my comp looked at them, and being filled with the spirit he talked for about 15-20 minutes about how communication is essential in a relationship, and how it is a gift from God, and we best be using it for kindness and love. Then I talked to them for a bit about how in our lives we are going to have challenges and hard ships, we will want to cry at times, we will sometimes be upset at our partners, but our partners are eternal. They are forever. We have the opportunity to feel the most joy and love in our lives while with our partners. I told them that we will have these problems at times throughout our lives, but we must go about them with love. I also talked about one of the fastest and most important ways to penetrate the heart is by showing affection. They are so amazing. Please pray for them.

On Saturday we made plans to visit one of our investigators named Ivanna Aramillo. She is absolutely incredible, and has such a strong testimony. We had been to her house about 3 times and she hadn’t been there. But the day before a less active had told us that someone was in the hospital, so on Saturday we went to the hospital and waited there for 30 minutes not knowing what would happen or who was in the hospital. As we were about ready to leave a miracle happened. Walking towards us, down the hall was Ivanna. She greeted us and then said that she had been looking all over for us but couldn’t find us. She had no idea where to look for us, and she continued to tell us that her one-month-old baby girl was in the hospital, in neotology, because she has a very bad lung infection. She then asked us to give her baby a blessing because once before when we gave her a blessing she got better, and had no more pain in her head. She said that to this day she knew this church was true and how missionaries are angles from God. I just wanted to cry. She asked the doctors if we could go in and give her baby a blessing but they said no. I was inclined to tell her that I knew that God lives, and He is a God of miracles. I felt impressed to promise her that her baby girl would be okay, and that she would grow up to be a strong amazing women.

I love this gospel and I know with out a doubt in my body that it is correct and blesses families in amazing ways. Please pray for Kimberly that the Lord might bless her.