May 12, 2015

Hey everyone, sorry I’m writing you guys so late. The Internet cut out on Monday so I couldn’t write anyone. But first things first…it’s Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom, I just want to say how grateful I truly am for you. You are the most amazing mother anyone could ever ask for. Truly an angle of the Lord; specifically chosen to be my mother, and boy am I grateful for that. I’m very sorry that this Mother’s Day I won’t be able to be there to give you a big hug! Being here in Bolivia gives me a brand new perspective. I have learned how important the role of a family is in a life, especially the role of a mother. A mother can literally define the life of her children and how their lives will be. I have seen families here that are struggling a bunch because they don’t have that loving mother to be there for them, to help them, and to guide them in their lives. I know that I am eternally grateful for my mother and the amazing role and influence she has been in my life. I know at times we had our moments, but hey who doesn’t. I have learned that it is only in a family where we can experience the love and compassion of the world and the Lord. The family and the mother is so important in our lives. I love you mom so much, and I know that you are and forever will be the strongest women I know.

This week was amazing. My first convert Moses got the priesthood on Sunday so I called him to congratulate him, which was amazing. He is one of the strongest members I know, and is so committed to missionary work and helping others come unto Christ. It’s amazing I really miss him. This week my comp and I were really praying to be able to find more investigators in the church. To help bless people in their lives so that they can obtain that eternal peace and eternal happiness that so many people are searching for. On Sunday we went to visit one of our recent converts, Alex. He is living with his girlfriend so we are working with them to get married. He is working super hard to get his papers done. When we went to his house on Sunday he was about ready to cry. Apparently he was going through some tough times with his girlfriend, so my comp and I walked into his house and just talked him. We bore our testimonies about how some times we have challenges in our lives. Many of these challenges are super hard, but we can always rely and trust in the Lord. I started talking about the importance of prayer, and then during the middle of the lesson he asked, “Elder Ziering, could we say a prayer right now, and could you say it?” My heart melted. We said the prayer, and then finished the lesson. He asked if we could come back the next day at 10. It was our P-day but we knew he needed us, so we agreed. That night my comp and I prayed fervently to help us with our lesson the next morning. We knew that the lord wouldn’t fail us. That morning we woke up and went to the lesson, and Melina his girlfriend, and one of our main investigators was there. We started to talk, relying on the lord to fill our mouths with his words. After about a minute she began to cry and hug Alex. This just lifted our spirits, and our lesson was amazing as the Lord was truly helping us. Today we have a lesson with him at noon and I can’t wait to go to.

I can’t believe my big brother Karch gets home from his mission tomorrow. That’s so amazing. I miss you so much bud, cant wait to see you soon. You have been such a huge influence in my life. Thank you all for everything! All of you are amazing! I love all of your emails; they just make my day. Remember that the Lord hears our prayers. He is our loving heavenly father. He wants to bless us. Please pray for my comp and I to find new investigators who are ready to accept the gospel. Love you all.