May 4, 2015

Hey family and friends, how are you guys? I miss you guys all so much. I hope you are all doing super well and everything is amazing. If you need anything just ask me. I’m there for you. Well I’m in Bolivia but you know what I mean…..

This week was amazing. Since my comp and I are opening a new area we have to work super hard to find where everything is and where everyone lives, and who is who, so we work non stop but the work is fun, and the Lord is blessing us.

The weather here is crazy! It’s freezing in the mornings and warm in the day. Then at around 6pm it gets cold again, but the food here is much better! Every night we have herbal life shakes because our pention owns an herbal life store.

I can’t wait to skype you guys on Mothers Day, or soon after. There have been a bunch of miracles. One was on Monday. Monday was a crazy day. We went out to appointments, but no one was there so then we went to our back ups, and the same thing…no one was there, so we went contacting. Contacting is when we knock on people’s doors. We had doors slammed in our faces, but we went on, door to door. Then it started to hail, and we were about to give up, but we said one more house. We said a short little prayer in the hail and then got ready pick the house. We picked this house on the corner and knocked on the door and they let us in. It was a family of 8. They gave us a place to sit. We were soaking wet and cold from the hail and freezing wind. As we began to teach them, my comp was filled with the spirit. We taught them about families and how our God is always here for us. It was amazing. We left super happy.

Tomorrow is our zone meeting but since our zone is super spread out last night we took a van 2 hours to our zone leaders house in Tupiza. It’s beautiful here with a bunch of mountains. The whole zone stays here for 3 days and then we go back tomorrow, but today we played soccer with the military which was super fun…of course we won 4 to 3☺ I had a goal as well.

I just want to leave you guys with a little something to pick you up.
I know this life is hard, and this life has many challenges and at times we feel hopeless as if no one can understand what we are going through. We may at times, feel emptiness in our lives. I have felt like this before, but we have to stay strong. Growing up I always gave talks in church about why we had challenges but I never fully knew why until now. It’s those challenges that build us up, make us who we are, and keep us strong. It’s those challenges that can bring people together, put smiles on their faces, and change lives. It’s when we are down that strangers, those we love, and our Savior can lift us up. Remember our Lord in all thy doings; he is literally our father in in heaven. How blessed we are to call Him our father.

Love you all and miss you all of you. Thank you so much for all writing me. I love all your emails! They brighten my day! Keep the faith…

Hey Mom, I’m fine! I have warm clothes! The area between Bolivia and Argentina is more compact and it takes us 20 min by foot to get to Argentina. So its not far at all. A flota is a big bus. I’m eating super healthy in this area, oatmeal every morning and “mate.” Ask dad what that is, but I make it in the mornings, and for lunch. Super good food and lots of veggies. For dinner more herbal like shakes, awh…so much better. A branch really is just like a ward but bigger and there’s a branch President, but no Bishop. My comp is from Argentina. He is super nice and amazing. We work super hard together. Its funny between Bolivia and Argentina the houses are only 5 min apart. There are houses in Bolivia then a small river and then houses on the other side in Argentina.
I love all the stories! I hope everyone’s okay. Keep the faith. Keep praying and read Alma 34, all of it. It’s amazing. Yes, I also have a crazy workout plan. It’s 650 pushups in the morning in 16 min, 5 min plank, 400 scissors, and 100 abs, then 60 and 40 curls with my resistance bands. I think I got 2 more packages from you, which I will get tomorrow. I miss you so much!

PS. There’s a surprise coming for you in the summer, he will meet you at the house one day with gifts.