March 23, 2015

Hey guys hope all is well and you are all safe! I want to start off by saying Happy Father’s Day. Dad I love you and I’m so grateful for your amazing example. I miss you so much. You’re the best! I hope you know that. I can’t wait to see you in a short 20 more months. I hope you’re doing well in all things. Family is first always!

This week was crazy. The people here are amazing. They have so much faith. Its so amazing playing with the young kids here. My companion and I decided that each week we would play football (soccer) with a bunch of kids 8-12. In one of the canchas (one of the football fields where we play), they aren’t members, but they’re super cool and we are starting to teach some of them and their families. At least once a day as we are walking around, one of the kids runs up to us and says, “Hi Elder, when are you going to play with us again.”

Sorry I’m writing you guys super late. My comp and I had service this morning for 5 hours, which was great! We cooked, peeled potatoes, made peanut butter, and had to kill and prepare guinea pig! That was gross! We also had cows heart. Cows heart is amazing super tasty but I’m a bit iffy with the guinea pig.

This week was amazing with the work of the lord. We taught a bunch of lessons, and had 4 of our investigators come to church with us on Sunday, which was amazing. So many of our investigators are progressing very rapidly. Its strange we cant have baptisms this week or next because of conference and elections. They don’t have church during elections.

We found a family this week that used to have missionaries teach them, but no missionary has visited them for 4 years! Its crazy! We were on a street and we prayed and asked to find a house to knock on. I opened my eyes and picked a house that was at the end of the street and we knocked on the door and said, “hello we are…………..” and the girl at the door said, “Elders.” That was amazing! Now we are teaching the family again, and one of the daughters went to church with us this week which was amazing!

Sorry this letter is so short! I have to run. Its almost 4:00 here! I miss you guys so much. Thanks for all the letters and everything. I love hearing from you. It’s crazy! I’m almost 19! It’s going to feel weird having a birthday away from home. Remember the lord is always here for you no matter what. Spanish is coming along great! I love it! I can understand so much now it’s crazy. Sometimes I’m just like wow wait they weren’t speaking English to me


Riding around Punata!

Riding around Punata!