March 16, 2015

Hey all you wonderful people.

“Tramites,” to be honest is a word I only know in Spanish…. it’s all the processes you have to go through in any transaction. This past Friday, at 6am, we had to go to get our legal papers and citizenship to live in Bolivia. For us, since we live about an hour and a half away we had to leave the house at 4:30am. We finally finished at 12pm and all things went “kind of” smoothly. Ha, ha, ha!

I miss all of you so much. It’s crazy how fast the weeks go by. Each week feels like 4 days. It’s insane! I love it here in Punata way more then the main city Cochabamba. Ha! There are a bunch less cars and people here. Its super funny because there isn’t one car here that has less then 200,000 miles on it.

It’s amazing how much this gospel can change people’s lives. We see it every day. This week we have worked super hard and taught 35 lessons, which was amazing. I love this gospel and studying all that it has to offer. On Friday we met with our investigator Moeses. He is amazing, but he was having some doubts about his baptism so I bore my testimony for about 10 minutes in Spanish and had know idea what I was saying. All I remember was one phrase I have written in my scriptures. I told him that on my scriptures I have the words written “I want to know him like he knows me.” “Him,” is Jesús Christ. I know that he knows me personally and through him all things are possible. After my testimony he stood up, looked at me, and gave me a huge huge and said, “I can’t wait to be baptized.” It was one of my most favorite experiences so far on my mission.

We have an investigator who lives across from the church, which is awesome. She’s 15 and last week we gave her a book of Mormon and asked her to read and pray to see if it were true. I told her that we have a testimony or the truthfulness of the Book, and we know that this book is of God. I said the only way for you to know if this book is true, is to read it, and ponder in your heart, then pray with a sincere heart to know if this book is true. As we talked to her she said she was on page 237! We were shocked! In 1 week she read so much of the book of Mormon, and she has prayed to see if it is true. She received an answer that, yes, it is true. I know this góspel is true and blesses families.

I want to be the best missionary ever. I am so happy that I am here. I love the people, and love this place. Miss you guys tons!

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