HEY there family and friends. I hope you are all safe and sound.

It’s been a crazy week here but it has been amazing! My goal on my mission is to bring families together. I really think that’s the most important thing we can do. My zone leader asked us how many families have we baptized this month, and it was zero. But when you think about it this gospel blesses families, allows them to have peace and joy, and even the ability to live together forever. I think when we realize how important our families are to us we grow. We become a stronger and closer family unit. I would like to challenge all you guys to tell each of your siblings and your parents that you love them individually.

That is our goal to bless, and bring a family, into the church. The day we made that our goal we were blessed by a miracle. We began teaching our first complete family with 5 people that day. The father is a borachingo, which means junk in Spanish. We met him the very first day I arrived here. We were in a store and all he did was basically criticize me, and was super rude. My companion told me not to talk to him because he was such a junk, but I felt there was something inside him that was different. This Tuesday he came up to us with his son and said, “Teach me its your obligation,” and all this other rude stuff, but I picked up his groceries and started walking to his house. I just felt impressed to do so, but my Spanish isn’t super good, so he started making fun of me, and continued being very rude, but i knew that this was our family. I knew that he was the one we were supposed to be teaching. I said a short but strong and fervent prayer. After the prayer he sat down and I began to teach the first lesson. After I said, “Se que este evangelio bendice las familias, se que usted tiene una gran familia, y con este evangelio su familia sera una familia que esta mas unida, fuerte, y tiene mas amor,” and I said, I have seen how much this gospel has blessed my family. That is why I’m here. That is why I have left my family for 2 years. I want to bring the joy my family has been able to feel to other families. After those words I looked at him and he had tears running down his face. I don’t know what will happen to him but I have faith he will be baptized.

This morning we woke up and were invited to eat tuna, which isn’t actually tuna, its cactus! Ha-ha. We went to a member’s house and did service for a couple hours picking cactus. Then we ate some of it. It’s pretty strange. Ha-ha. She kept making me eat more and more.

Today is the first day of the new transfers. We have transfers every 6 weeks but my companion and I aren’t going anywhere. We are staying here. I’m so lucky to be here. I love Punata. It’s such an amazing place. We had stake conference this week, which was awesome. We had 2 investigators take a taxi 1 ½ hour to get there. That was amazing.

Here is a funny story….we were going to meet an investigator so we had to cross this huge field because she lives behind it. We were walking in the field, and we saw that there was water going across part of the field. We walked to a spot where the water was really narrow across the field and we walked back a couple of steps to run and jump over the water. As we landed we sunk knee deep into mud! I was in my suit!! It took us about 10 min to get out of the mud and our clothes were super dirty and covered in mud.  Apparently there was a bunch of water under the ground and it was like quick sand. Ha!

I have to go. Love you guys. Thanks for all the emails. I love them so much.