January 23, 2015

Well, the time has come. I am finally leaving the CCM in 3 days. My Latin companion is so amazing he is awesome. He is from Bolivia, which was a blessing. This past week my classes have been in 100% fast Spanish, which is super hard. I often make a fool of myself by saying things that I think are answering the questions asked, but really it has nothing in common with the topic. Ha, got to love life right?  Living with Latin’s is hard. I usually don’t need sleep, but when your learning Spanish and the gospel for 16 hours a day, sleep becomes a requirement. But for Latin’s who don’t need sleep, because they know how to speak Spanish, they like to talk till 12 am and turn on all the lights and wake up at 5am! Sooooo, I end up falling asleep for 3 min each day in class, its so hard to stay awake all the time.

My comp and I went proselyting again for our last time in Columbia and we beat our previous record, and the ccm record! We know that it is only by and through the lord that we were able to do that. Without God none of this would have been possible. Anyway, after fasting and praying for strength while we were proselyting we were able to blow the last record and got 32 referrals in 3 hours. We were able to have an affect on many peoples lives. The blessings of the gospel are so amazing. Also my comp and I are famous in the CCM, ha, ha! JK, but the CCM put up two 3X4 foot photos of us around the CCM, which is super cool. The staff was all super excited to show me the photos.  The next time I write all of you I will be in Bolivia. I can’t wait to leave in just 3 more days. It’s so amazing. I am so grateful for this gospel, I know that God loves each of us individually.   Se que mediante fe in Jesucristo y el evangelio de Jesucristo es posible a recibir mas bendiciones. me amo este evangelio mucho.

Our CCM mission president changed which was weird I loved our old mission President. Miss you guys. You all are the best! Till next time


Love you so much mom you’re amazing and I pray for everyone in the family individually by name. Tell everyone I say hi. I miss you all so much! I leave the ccm in 3 days. It’s so crazy! I know this is where I’m supposed to be.

Famous at the CCM!

Famous at the CCM!