January 13, 2015

Love you mom and miss you soo much. Hope you have an amazing week. Today was super fun. Tonight I get a Latin companion.

Hola,  Hey guys hope all is well at home. This week has gone by super fast for me here in the MTC. I already have been out a month… what?! But, yesterday was pretty sad. All the 6-weekers that have been with us for the past month, and grew super close to, left. But we are all planning to meet up in Utah, which will be super fun. Spanish is coming along pretty well. It’s still super hard, but so worth it. Today was p-day so we went to the temple and then went on a tour to the top of this super tall monastery. It was crazy cool! We also went to the gold museum, which was so amazing. These next to weeks might be the most difficult weeks at the MTC, but they will also be the most rewarding because I will be getting a Latino companion. They fly in sometime tonight. I hope all is well at home. No need to worry about me I am in the lord’s hands. I did hear that they opened up another mission in Bolivia!

I think I have found the reason I was called to Bolivia. Every 2 weeks a bunch of Latino’s come to the MTC and then leave. This week one of the 30 year old sister missionary’s was talking to me in Spanish and I told her I was going to serve in the Cochabamba mission. She then proceeded to tell me how she was the only LDS member in her family. She said that they lived in my mission so she gave me their address and asked me if I could teach them the gospel. I truly felt honored. This is my new goal for my mission…to teach her family and bring them to the gospel so that when she comes back from serving her mission faithfully she will come back to her family and be able to be sealed to them for all time and eternity just like my family is.

I love you guys so much I make sure to keep you in my prayers. Love you all. Talk to you next Friday J

The graffiti here is super cool!


Amazing Graffiti!

Amazing Graffiti!