January 9, 2015

Hola familia y amigos como esta

Sorry I haven’t written you guys in a while. The Pdays are set up weird…. it is every Tuesday and next Friday! Anyway, this week was amazing! It started off super hard, but eventually got easier and easier. (But its still super hard). We aren’t aloud to speak any English in our classes and all of our teachers only speak Spanish to us. But it’s awesome! Its amazing, how through the Lords help, we are able to receive so many blessings and learn languages faster. This week I gave my first blessing, which was super exciting! It was such an amazing experience. It was to one of the sisters in my district who wasn’t feeling well. I was homesick and was super stressed about proselyting. We get to go out to the middle of Columbia two times while we are here in the CCM or MTC. Having said that; yesterday was our first time going out and proselyting. I decided I would fast from 12:00 on Wednesday until 12:00 the next day. I fasted for the opportunity for my tongue to be loosed, that I might be able to communicate, and that the lord might soften the hearts of those whom I might find on the streets! Our goal was to pass out 2 books of Mormon, 2 chastity pamphlets, 2 tithing pamphlets, and 2 words of wisdom pamphlets and to get 8 referrals. This was hard. So we set off Thursday morning at 8:15 to go proselyting in the middle of the city, and after our 30-minuet drive we were dropped off. My companion and I began, and I was able to understand and speak Spanish super well for the next 3 hours. And guess what? My companion and I now hold the record for the most referrals in a single trip! We got 22!!!!!!!!! The previous record was 17! We also got 2 confirmed baptisms for two people we found on the streets. We spoke individually to each of them for 20 min. It was insane! I have such a strong testimony of the power of fasting! It’s so amazing! I love it so much! It was such an amazing experience, we got rejected a couple of times, but that’s what made it real.

Two of the people we taught, I knew were just super ready for the gospel, and had been waiting for a long time to receive it. They both said they wanted to come to church this Sunday and bring their whole families and their friends to church. I talked a bunch about families and how they can be eternal. I think that is one of the most important aspects of our gospel!

Now for the story of the electric fence!!!!!!! So apparently the electric fences in Columbia are up and running! I saw a lady putting her bags away and I reached out my hand to greet her, and to ask her how she was doing. I thought I was only putting my hand through big wires, but when I pulled my hand away from shaking the lady’s hand through the fence my hand touched the wire and you heard this huge CCCRRAACCKKKKKKK POWWWWWW and yes I got shocked by a super powerful electric wire! It went through one arm and out the other. On both ends of my hand are burn marks. It hurt a bunch, but I know it would have been a lot worse if it weren’t for the lord. My hand kept twitching for the next hour and the lady was so freaked out she invited us in.

I love it here and love all the people here. My Spanish is getting better. I miss everyone so much. I often think of the moment I get to come home and embrace all of you. Miss and love you all. I’ll be able to talk to you again on Tuesday, so very soon.