February 23, 2015

Hey guys, hope all is well at home. Things are great in the mission field here in Punata Bolivia. The Spanish is coming along much better, which is awesome. Today is our P-Day but we woke up to do service at 5:15 in the morning and went in the fields to cut some alp alpha, I got to use a hoe, which was pretty fun.

I wrote a kind of cool poem for you guys so here it is; I wrote it when I was having a pretty tough day,

“During those days of hardship, of trial, and tears it’s those days where we rely upon the lord the most. He is our savior, our redeemer; he cares so much about us. We all in some point in our life have had doubts, but there is no real reason to, because the lord is with us always, we may not be able to tell right now, but if we look back on our life, look back on the times where we were lost, scared, or lonely and how some impossible way those feelings were made into joyful, painless times. It was then when the lord had you in his arms and was carrying you to victory and promise. I know that God is always there for me, and that we are not on this earth to be alone, or even feel alone, but to be in thought and in question of how we’re not alone. How can I feel or even say I’m alone, when I open my eyes I see birds in the sky, trees on the ground, my family and friends gathered around me looking for something fun to do. And those 2 People, those 2 Beloved People, who one, gave his life so that we can live with his father again, and the other who created us, created loving families for us to learn and dwell in. How can we ever feel alone or be alone when we know what our Father in Heaven and His Son have gone through for us individually. Rely upon the Lord in all they ways, and all thy days and he shall direct thy path.”

Well that was my poem. Ha-ha. Hope you like it.

Anyway this week has been so amazing. We have had so much success and found so many investigators. We had out first baptism to a hoven named Louis Salazar. We have many investigators who are ready to receive baptism but they are scared because of their parents, such as, Paola, Linsie, and Lady, they are all the nicest people and are ready for the gospel, we pray for them each night. I love my companion by the way, he is super amazing and I now no how to play the Zamboni, which is super fun, we are learning how to play “Come thou Fount” on it.

We have another investigator with a date for the 14th. His name is Miguel. I love the work here. It’s hard, I won’t lie, but everything is so worth it when you see that family or that investigator smile with the spirit, or the thought of eternal families. We have an investigator named Moses who has a baptismal date for the 14th. We are super excited for him. I love our mission president. He is super awesome and so is his wife. They are super funny too. Each week we find 10-12 new investigators. I just hope we can change their lives. I wish you all the best. This week we are going to work our butts off. Our goal is to lead the mission in every single way possible. I love this gospel. We are so lucky to be a part of it.

Ha-ha! Hey mom, miss you tons! Did you really send me peanut butter the day before?   Ha-ha! You’re amazing. How’s the family?   Can you have Jax and Emme write me each week? How’s Olivia and her dance?  But anyway, things are great! I’m warm. It rains about 2 days out of each week or more. Its raining now, but also the food is kind of good but they give you 2 times as much as I would normally eat, which is bad, because you have to eat it all, and most of it is rice and potatoes and some meat. Saturday was great we had our first baptism. Miss you tons.


Working in the fields

Love this Gospel!